The Tlingit (can also be spelledspelled Tlinkit) are native individuals of the Pacific Northwest Coastline of North America. Their name for themselves is Lingit, implying “Individuals of the Tides” . The Russian name Koloshi  or the relevant German name Koulischen could be come across describing individuals in older historic literature, such as Shelikhov’s 1796 map of Russian America.

The Tlingit are a matrilineal society that established in the temperate jungle of the southeast Alaska coastline and the Alexander Island chain. The Tlingit kept an intricate hunter-gatherer culture based upon semi-sedentary management of fisheries. An inland group, referred to as the Inland Tlingit, occupies the far northwestern part of the province of British Columbia and the southern Yukon Area in Canada.  Visit the Lingit people today, get cheap flights here!